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In olden times, the Native American tribes prayed to deer. So when I saw a doe timidly crossing our path that noon, I didn’t just think of her innocence, or the way her eyes reminded me of your own gentle ones – I prayed to her silently. That was the first…

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Worth the effort … ZERO ANTHROPOLOGY In memory of Edward S. Hermanb. April 7, 1926, d. November 11, 2017An inspiration that lives on, may he rest in eternal peace. From provoking potential war with North Korea, to the fabricated US hysteria and fear-mongering about Russia, to the deluge of identity politics, and the escalated neoliberal […]

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Here’s one from the bucket list. Despite the sea of mists, we were drawn across the snow scattered paths and straight to the edge of the canyon. We knew that we wouldn’t be able to see anything, but somehow the mystery surrounded us as heavily as the fog. Leaning trees –…

Definitely worth a watch … OffGuardian As a counterpoint to PBS’s recent “documentary” PUTIN’S REVENGE, in which complete lies are employed in a sub-intelligent attempt to present the Russian president as a pasteboard super-villain, we now offer you THE PRESIDENT, a two-hour Russian TV feature on the man’s life and work. We don’t suggest this […]

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►Greek Mythology: “Pandora and Helen of Troy, Misogynistic Stereotypes” / “Collaboration with Carolee Croft”🍎: “Pandora” by John William Waterhouse. 1896. ______________________________________________________________ “With the curse, comes a blessing. Zeus wanted to punish humanity by creating you, the first woman, and by giving you that box filled with curses such as illness,…

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Author: Alexander Dugin Translator: Jafe Arnold  Geopolitica.ru  ? On November 14th, 1831 the greatest romantic philosopher in the world history of thought, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831), died. Heidegger, along with Nietzsche, believed Hegel to be the one who completed the history of the philosophy of the Western Logos…

The implication of this line of Milbank’s argument is that by arguing for Aristotle against Nietzsche, MacIntyre has only attempted to suppress violence with violence. On the other hand, a supposedly uncompromising anti-traditional stance on the part of Derrida makes his strategy appear as nothing more than an insane celebration of violence that has abandoned any hope of achieving a lasting resolution to this conflict.

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